Service is 24-7 for Seniors and Persons with Mobility needs


SeniorsTransit provides compassionate, safe and reliable transportation to the following areas:   Bedford, Hammonds Plains, Sackville, Halifax, Fairview, Clayton Park, Spryfield, Purcell Cove, Lakeside, Timberlea, Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Preston, Westphal and Eastern Passage.

We provide the following 3 transportation options for Seniors and Persons with mobility needs 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

1. Inside door to Inside door- Non Stop

With this service, we come inside your door and assist you from your home to our vehicle.  We will assist if you need help putting on your coat or outer footwear. Upon arrival to your destination, we will take you inside and make sure you are safely at your desired venue.  We will return for you, greet you inside and make sure we end the trip with you being safely and secured inside your home.  

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2. Wait and Return- Multiple Stops

This service is ideal for clients who want to make multiple stops during their trip.  They do not require full time personal assistance, however we provide the same level of service as our non-stop.  We make as many stops as required and wait in our vehicle until you're finished and then proceed to the next stop.  For example, a client may want to go to the bank, then get her hair done, followed by a trip to the grocery store and then home.

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3. Transportation with Personal Assistance

With this service, we provide personal assistance and accompany our clients each step of the way until you are safely and securely back inside you home.

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Group Rate:

A group rate for our Wait and Return service is provided to promote social interaction and lower the cost  for those looking to travel together.  With this service, we place you with one or two seniors who are looking to do the same errands in the same area.  I.e. get groceries, go to the bank, go to the drug store etc.  We assist with coordinating the trip to ensure it works for all travel companions.  We can group you or you can come to us with your group of three as long as residences are in close proximity.

See Rate Page for our Fees.

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